The World's Most Aggressive Footballers 2022

Grant Hanley

Photo: skysports

Scottish professional football player Grant Hanley is a defender. He has a kind disposition and a powerful build. Due to his incredibly violent personality, he is listed among the world's most aggressive football players.

Hanley collided with several players, and as a result, he received several yellow and red cards. He is, nevertheless, a strong defender with the ability to deal with the players on the other squad.

Valon Behrami

Photo: worldsoccer

A midfielder for Switzerland's national team, Valon Behrami is a professional footballer. He is renowned for having an aggressive and short fuse. He was frequently given a yellow card and occasionally a red card by the officials as a result of his vulgar remarks and aggressive fouls.

Arturo Vidal

Photo: bundesliga

Midfielder Arturo Vidal is a professional footballer from Chile. His distinctive hairdo has helped establish him as a global football celebrity among fans. The aggressive character of Vidal is sufficient to cause conflict during a match. On our list of the eight most aggressive football players, he comes in at number eight.

Nigel de Jong

Photo: skysports

Dutch professional football player Nigel de Jong is a defensive midfielder. Man has made a hot game on numerous occasions. 

Eliaquim Mangala

Photo: skysports

French professional football player Eliaquim Mangala is a central defender. Due to his violent personality and short temper, he is also regarded as one of the most aggressive football players. He is more aggressive with other players because he is taller than most at 6 feet 2 inches. 

Starting with a ball, he envisions a towering man approaching you at full speed while sporting an aggressive expression. You might be quite frightful.

Geoffrey Kondogbia

Photo: marca

A similarly combative football player who operates as a defensive midfielder is Geoffrey Kondogbia. To issue a yellow card was a contentious decision for the referee. Several times, his aggression turned the contest into a heated one. The opposing teams' wings are finding it increasingly difficult to deal with the defensive midfielder.

Gianluca Mancini

Photo: goal

Italian-born Gianluca Mancini is a defender for a professional football team. Many of the athletes on the list are defensive players, as you may have seen. He may end up in a defensive position for a variety of reasons, necessitating brisk sprints and blocking other team members.


Photo: eurosport

Pepe, a Portuguese professional football player, is regarded as one of the game's most combative players. On the football field, he started and participated in numerous battles. One of the best defenders is Pepe, whose very mention will stop the others. He was given yellow and red cards for his aggression.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Photo: newsweek

One of the most aggressive football players right now is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He has played on the field in numerous football games. Zlatan is a forward who plays for a Swedish professional football team. On the list of the players who are the most aggressive, he is the lone striker. He collected numerous yellow and red cards throughout his career, in part due to his short temper.

Sergio Ramos

Photo: therealchamps

Sergio Ramos, a defender for Spain, is at the top of the list of aggressive players. The most irate person on the list, he is. He talked trash and frequently engaged in fights. On the flip side, Ramos is regarded as one of the top defenders in the world. 

He has long been a member of Real Madrid CF, where he had a significant altercation with FC Barcelona. Ramos has been sent off 27 times throughout his career. You can probably guess how hostile he is.

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