Most Hated Football Clubs around the Globe

Football used to be more than just a sport. It is a passion, a way of life, and virtually a religion for many. It elicits a wide range of reactions and emotions, and what is true for some people is hate for others. Let's have a look at the most hated clubs on the planet.


The presence of this team on the list may surprise some. English clubs have a terrible image due to their ultras, who are regarded as the most dangerous and violent in the country.

Club America

The Mexican team has the dubious distinction of being one of the continent's most despised clubs. It appears to be the most disliked wake-up call among Mexican fans, according to many polls. Respondents frequently give critical feedback for a variety of reasons, including fan hubris and referee support.


For many, it is the Italian elite's club that receives more assistance and arbitration. Critics claim that the club exists solely to win championships. Juve is the team with the most fans all over Italy, yet there are more Turin fans in the city of Turin.

Chelsea FC

The Scottish national football squad is regarded as one of the most hated in the world of sports. The Protestants are nearly solely responsible for the construction of the Glasgow club. Its followers are also trade unionists and supporters of the British Empire, and they tend to come from the upperclass of society. If you're a devout Catholic or an immigrant, you won't blend in well with the Rangers.

Zenit St Petersburg

Only and entirely thanks to oil, and in particular thanks to the firm Gazprom, did the St. Petersburg club reach its pinnacle. Until then, the team had only won one Russian Cup and one Ligue Cup. Since then, the club has won multiple league titles and even won the UEFA Cup in 2008. It was declared illegal, and its more radical followers have been labeled racists and homophobes. The large majority of fans do not want black players on the team, which has generated a number of issues.

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid

They are, without a doubt, the world's most powerful clubs. Despite having the most fans, they are also two of the most despised clubs on the planet. What is evident is that admirers of one will usually hold the animus towards the other.

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